About Me

Hi, I am Mari, 25 years old. I am from a little and beautiful country Georgia, which lots of people don't even know about. So you will see me lots of times explaining foreign people - "I am not from USA, its Georgia a little country, well, no not Russia for sure" and it goes on...
Three things I am really passionate about is:

  • My job
  • Traveling
  • Filming and editing stories.

I currently work as a PR and Communications Manager in PR agency, love what I am doing.


How I feel about Traveling

Everyone has his own style of travelling. Someone prefers cheap hostels, some of them expensive 5 stars hotels, someone hitchhikes and some people they just go… they go to explore.
For Me travelling is to explore places I've never been before. Walking all day long, meeting locals, tourists and to feel the spirit of the city. That’s travelling for me. A journey which inspires me. When coming back home is always full of inspiration, new stories, Ideas and thoughts  of "where to go next" of course 🙂
I would like to write about the Countries and places I have visited and I'll visit, give you tips and share my experience with you.

I always had an idea to write a blog about travelling, so here I am… Trying to be a storyteller about what I feel passionate about.

Stay in touch

If you have travel-related questions or you would like to discuss a collaboration, you can email me at goguadze.mari@gmail.com
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